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Remington 870 Special Purpose Marine Magnum Pump-Action Shotgun


The Remington® Model 870™ Pump-Action Shotgun is one of the most proven firearm's designs in history. The 870 Special Purpose Marine Magnum™ is a rugged workhorse, specifically made to resist corrosion from both fresh and saltwater. The receiver and barrel, and all other metal parts are plated with Electroless nickel, and the black synthetic stock and fore-end are virtually indestructible, as well as impervious to water. This is a great choice for a self-defense shotgun to have on a boat or a yacht, or to carry while fishing in bear country. The 18-1/2" barrel has a fixed cylinder choke for optimum performance with buckshot and slugs at close range. The extended magazine holds 6 rounds of either 2-3/4" or 3" shells, plus one in the chamber for a total of 7 rounds. At the heart of the ultra reliable 870 Remington is a receiver milled from a solid billet of steel for maximum strength, and twin action bars that prevent binding and twisting while cycling the action. 870 pump shotguns have great pointing characteristics. They come to the shooter's shoulder and acquire targets instinctively. The Remington 870™ Special Purpose Marine Magnum Pump-Action Shotgun comes with sling swivel studs that provide the quick attachment and detachment of a sling (included) to free the user's hands when occupied with other tasks. A durable, rubber recoil pad dampens recoil and helps shooter to stay on target for fast follow up shots.

  • Receiver, barrel, and all other metal parts are plated with Electroless nickel
  • 18-1/2" barrel has cylinder choke
  • Twin action bars prevent binding and twsting
  • Durabel, rubber recoil pad dampens recoil


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